Quantum computing as a green technology

Quantum computing technology is currently advancing at an incredible fast pace. Its quick development has been put into motion and is being pushed by goal to demonstrate the so called “quantum advantage”, namely that quantum computers can do calculations that cannot be performed by standard computers in a reasonable time. Little or no attention has been devoted to the energetic aspect of quantum computation: what if quantum computers could perform the same task as standard computers but with much less energy expenditure? In view of the concerns regarding the immense amount of electric energy that is being currently delivered to power digital devices, would not the achievement of the “energetic quantum advantage” be even more important than the “quantum advantage” per se?

Our research aims exactly at demonstrating the advantage of using quantum computers in terms of energy consumption. In this work, for example, we have demonstrated that the logical operation of resetting a bit of information can be carried in a fast, effective, and energetically advantageous way, using current quantum technologies.

Experimental demonstration of the phenomenon of “cooperative quantum information erasure” whereby N-bits, initially in a random state (either “-1” 0r “1”) all end up in the “1” state thanks to a quantum boost (right panel)
PeopleLindsay Bassman-Oftelie, Michele Campisi*
KeywordsQuantum science and technology, quantum computing, quantum energetics, quantum thermodynamics
Methods, techniquesProgramming of NISQ devices
Granted projectsAdvancing Quantum Computers for (and with) Quantum Thermodynamics
QC4QT HORIZON-MSCA-2021 (12/2022-11/2024). Michele Campisi: Supervisor, Lindsay Bassman Oftelie: fellowship recipient
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*Contact person: michele.campisi@nano.cnr.it