Lindsay Bassman-OftelieQuantum computing
Luca BellucciComputational chemistry and molecular dynamics simulations
Stefania BenedettiMetal/Oxide growth; electronic, optical, morphological characterization
Fabio Beltram
Michele CampisiQuantum computing
Andrea Camposeo
Sergio D’AddatoNanoparticles by gas aggregation; electronic, optical and morphological characterization
Francesco DelfinoMolecular dynamics simulations of rGO and disordered graphenes
Alessandro di BonaMetal/Oxide growth; electronic, optical, morphological characterization; electrical characterization
Alessandra di Gaspare
Filippo Fabbri
Riccardo FarchioniMolecular dynamics simulations
Letizia FerbelMetals induced surface reconstruction in Si (111), metal intercalation in epitaxial graphene
Zacharias FthenakisMolecular dynamics simulations of stretched graphenes
Stefan Heun

Surface phenomena, defect characterization, surface functionalization, metal intercalation in III-V 2DEGs, graphene, and few-layer black phosphorus
Paola LuchesMetal/Oxide growth; electronic, optical, morphological characterization; ultrafast spectroscopies
Tamiru Teshome MamoAb initio simulations of graphene related materials
Luana Persano

Elisa Riccardi
Lucia Sorba
Eleonora SpurioMetal/Oxide growth; electronic, optical, morphological characterization; ultrafast spectroscopies
Valentina Tozzini

Multi scale simulations and design of low dimensional materials for high tech and environmental applications
Alessandro Tredicucci
Stefano Veronesi

Hydrogen storage in graphene based materials. Metals and organic functionalization of monolayer graphene and porous 3D graphene
Leonardo Viti
Miriam Serena VitielloTerahertz photonic devices with ultra-low power consumption